AFFITS project aims at advancing affective computing methods in order to make them apllicable in affective tutoring systems. We have GERDA tutoring system that is equipped with some emotion recognition and intervention. While implementing this software we encountered immature affective computing tools and methods, that require improvments and adjustments in order to support e-learning with tutoring systems properly. More info: AFFITS Project website

SentiD, SentiS

This project aims at development of a dictionary of affect-tagged words as well as a set of affect-tagged sentences (corpus) for classifier learning and testing. As there is currently no such a dictionary for Polish language, therefore Polish and English versions are developed simultaneously. SentiD Project website

Emotions in software development processes

The influence of human emotions upon effectiveness of our work and the quality of the results is unquestionable. Therefore this projest aims at investigation on effective and counter-productive emotional states in various software engineering tasks. Software engineering investigates processes of software design, development, testing and maintenance, primarily concentrating on the quality of the outputs (i.e. software). We propose application of emotion recognition in software engineering in order to design and produce systems of higher quality and usability.

Emotion Monitor

The Emotion Monitor project aims at design and implementation of multimodal affect recognition stand. The stand wad settled in 2013 as a biometric stand to measure physiological parameters of computer users. The stand is also equipped with cameras, including depth camera, peripherals usage tracer, as well as usability evaluation software. The Emotion Monitor is used for experiments on emotion recognition algorithms based on multimodal inputs: video, sound, behavioral patterns and physiological channels. In the future we plan to extend Emotion Monitor with eye-tracking device.

Past research projects:


Emotion Recognition for Affect Aware Video Games project aims at development of new emotion recognition algorithms that could be used in affective and affect-aware software, especially video games. Another objective of the project is creation of a complete multi-modal affect recognition system to provide automatic and continuous affect recognition of video game players. This will comprise a complete framework that would enable cooperation between developed affect recognition system and any video game by application programming interface defined within the project. More information can be found on ERAAVG project website

FEEDB database

Multimodal database of labeled facial expressions and intentionally expressed emotions to be used for classifiers training and testing.


Optoelectronical methods for supporting behavioral therapy of autistic children (Optoelektroniczne metody wsparcia terapii behawioralnej dzieci z autyzmem)