About EmoRG

Whether we like it or not, we, human beings are emotional and we treat all of the surrounding entities and events emotionally. We also react emotionally in interaction with computers, which are commonly considered as purely logical and mechanic. But even if computer worlds, characters and events are artificial, human emotions in reaction to them are not artificial, but real. In some computer application domains, emotionality of users may influence the effectiveness of performed tasks.

EmoRG is a Research Group that investigates user emotional states in Human-Systems Interaction. We have chosen name emoRG (in contradiction to cyborg) to emphasise emotional aspect of HSI. The emoRG research aims at developing new methods and tools for affect recognition, interpretation and expression for different applications, including Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) and software engineering. The main research goal addressed by the group is effective monitoring, representation and intervention to emotional states that disturb performed processes. The research scope covers methods and tools for:

  • user emotional state elicitation (recognition) and represenatation,
  • user affect interpretation and analysis,
  • affect-aware intervention and control,
  • simulation of affect for bots and robots.

Our dream
is to reshape the way users interact with systems and applications making computer environments more humane