Postal address

Emotions in Human-Computer Interaction Research Group (shortly: emoRG)
Gdansk University of Technology, WETI, KIO
Narutowicza 11/12, 80-233 Gdansk, Poland

Please provide name of emoRG researcher, or adnotation 'WETI, KIO' if sending us something by post.

Mail contact

You may contact any of the researchers:
  • Agnieszka Landowska, nailie(at)
  • Michał Wróbel, wrobel(at)
  • Agata Kołakowska, agatakol(at)
  • Wioleta Szwoch, wszwoch(at)
  • Mariusz Szwoch, szwoch(at)

Fax and phone

Phone: +48 +58 347-29-89
Fax: +48 +58 347-27-27

Webmaster: wszwoch(at)