About EmoRG

Whether we like it or not, we, human beings are emotional and we treat all of the surrounding entities and events emotionally. We also react emotionally in interaction with computers, which are commonly considered as purely logical and mechanic. But even if computer worlds, characters and events are artificial, human emotions in reaction to them are not artificial, but real. In some computer application domains, emotionality of users may influence the effectiveness of performed tasks.

EmoRG is a Research Group that investigates




AFFITS project aims at advancing affective computing methods in order to make them apllicable in affective tutoring systems. We have GERDA tutoring system that is equipped with some emotion recognition and intervention. While implementing this software we encountered immature affective computing tools and methods, that require improvments and adjustments in order to support e-learning with tutoring systems properly. More info: AFFITS Project website

SentiD, SentiS

This project aims at development of a dictionary of affect-tagged words




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  5.


EmoRG Research

EmoRG goal is to develop new methods and tools for affect recognition, interpretation and expression for different applications, including Intelligent Tutoring Systems and software engineering. The main research question addressed by emoRG research can be articulated as:
"How to effectively monitor, represent and process affect in Intelligent Systems to facilitate emotional states that support effectiveness?".

Research scope

Our research is focused in the following areas:
  • multimodal user emotional state elicitation
  • affect recognition algorithms based on biometrics
  • affect recognition based on visual input
  • affect recognition algorithms based on text analysis
  • affect recognition based on peripherals usage patterns
  • uncertainty in affect recognition
  • affect-awareness in intelligent systems
  • mechanisms for affect-aware control
  •


Forthcoming in 2016:

Events 2015

  • NCBR has granted us finance for the project AFFITS - Methods and Tools for Affect-aware Tutoring Systems AFFITS project website
  • EMORG started research cooperation with Medical University of Gdansk, Clinic of Psychiatry, on differentiation of emotions and pain symptoms.
  • ERAAVG project financed by the The National Centre for Research and Development, have been finished. To see results, go to ERAAVG project website
  •